UAA Offers Independent Program Reviews

Purpose of a Program Review
Reviews are a voluntary process whose major purpose is to ensure quality in a collegiate aviation program. The aim of a program review and on-site visit is to assess how well an institute implements its own mission, adheres to its internal and external guidelines, and how it will comply with its program requirements. The on-site visit plan is cooperative. All programs are expected to meet or exceed all standards of collegiate institutional accreditation. The integrity of an institution and the program is fundamental and critical to the quality training process. Programs must continually evaluate themselves in relation to their institution’s mission and their own program mission, goals, and educational objectives. Collegiate aviation is part of a slowly evolving, continuous process. In the long view, there are continuing conversations among training programs, students, faculty professionals, institutions, and end-consumers (employers).

Services Provided by UAA
The UAA program review will include an in-depth evaluation and report on all areas that contribute to or are a factor in a viable aviation program. The review will include, but not necessarily be limited to, the following areas: Administration, Financial Resources, Learning Resources, Faculty, Support Personnel, Student Services, Facilities, Instructional Support, Student Body, and Curricula.

Typically, three reviewers are assigned to conduct a program review. At the institution’s option, additional reviewers, including a representative of the aviation industry may be included on the review team. The reviewers are selected on the basis of their academic credentials and industry experience that relates to the aviation program.

Time Requirements
The typical visit involves two days on site for interviewing administrators, faculty, students and industry representatives and gathering data not available in the material furnished in advance. An additional day should be allowed for follow-up and preparation of the report.

The end product of the review will be a comprehensive report that is prepared by the reviewers and edited by the UAA Central Office.

Cost Of Review
The cost of the review will be based on the services requested by the institution. Typical reviews cost $5,000 (including stipends). Additional costs include direct costs of travel and lodging. communication, postage, copying.

Initiating A Review by UAA
To initiate a review, the institutional representative should complete the UAA Program Review Request Form or send a letter to UAA indicating the purpose of the review, the areas to be included, and time frame. UAA will respond with a confirmation of cost estimate, proposed times and available team members. Contact us at (901) 563-0505 or address your questions to